Entrevista de Mariana Canaverde(interview)

Mariana Canaverde deu-nos esta entrevista com muito boa disposição várias perguntas deram para compreender como Mariana vê este mundo e como gosta dele!!

Mariana Canaverde gave us an interview with his good disposition answered several questions that have to understand how she sees the world of dog breeding!

What do you think?
Well, for me a good handling is one of the most important things in a dog show ... because, as the name implies, a dog show has to be a dog SHOW ... the dogs, the handler ... has to be a good relationship between them, so the dog can get in the ring, and shine together .. because a good handler, in addition to a good workout, a good grooming, have to know the dog let it shine and shine out with him! For me, above all, the handler has to understand the dog, the handler and the dog too ...

Where do you live? do you have hobbies? (the small introducion about you)
I'm from Portugal, Central Portugal, Santarem, a land of horses, bulls, herdsmen ... I live in the countryside, with space for my dogs run, play, is a quiet place and healthy, I love living here! I have been Girl Scout, but for lack of time I’m no longer practicing, but "once scout, scout for life":) ... Now I'm studying, and dedicate myself to the dogs, my father is a breeder with afix "Casa Amarela
when you had your first dog?
I have dogs since I was born: D

when and how you step up in the world of show dogs?
And when I was born, my father was already on a regular time to dog shows ... Before we start breeding Dachshunds, my father had other dogs, Portuguese Podengo, Boxers, and have seen photographs of him taken in the Portuguese dog show, when he was my age ...

How old were you when you handling your first dog?
When I was 7 or 8 years in minis handlers, in dog show of badajoz not remember very well that dog was, but I think it was a Dachshund ... Then I started to come in Junior Handlers with a Petit Basset and a German Braco.

What was your greatest joy so far?
I've had many, my experience with the Great Danes have been fantastic, they are dogs that mark us ... I've had several dogs that caught my eye, which gave me great joy, both personally and in dog shows. what gives me joy is the contact with the dogs, and all I can achieve with them :)

The striking title? and that dog has marked you most?
all the dogs I mark each one on its way ... my German shepherd, who unfortunately died on the first day of this year, my Australian shepherd, my Dachshund, my petit basset, the Great Danes ... all dogs have marked me for his different way of being with us, faithful ...What I wanted was unable to represent some day, Portugal, fortunately this year I can do it, what will be a pride! Denmark here I come:)

This world is great as you feel it?
Yes, it's really great ... friends, dogs, the relationships we create with others ... I was lucky to know the right people, Rachel, the family colaço the nuno, the ana, and all other ... unfortunately there are other things that demoralize us, but we need to know to pass over, since the actions are with those who practice them;) And we are the new generation ...


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Alice Varchi

Alice Varchi
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Natasha Weraduwage
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Raquel Colaço
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Mariana Canaverde
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